Review of the September Clear up

Despite the difficult COVID circumstances we have had local volunteers and a group from the Woodcraft Folk out on Litter picks, and they have made a significant improvement to Easter Carmuirs and Nailer Parks and in the area of Lock 16 and Union Road. A tremendous effort and a learning experience for the young people in the Carmuirs Woodcraft Group. Here is some of their comments and photos of their work last Monday at Nailer Park.

Clare from the Woodcraft Folk explains: “Before we started litter picking the group discussed why it is good to clean up litter and the group members came up with the following:”

“Because it looks ugly and makes people feel bad”
“Because it could hurt us or make us sick” (The young people identified broken glass, sharp metal, or bacteria in rotting food all as dangers to themselves, the park users and the environment.)

September clean up: Tidy, Clean & Green

“Because it could hurt pets or wildlife in the park”
“Because it could wash into streams and even the sea and be bad for animals that live there”
“Because it causes climate change” (glass, metal etc could be recycled into new bottles, cans instead
of wasted)
Thanks, Clare

A Volunteer involved with the recent clear up of the woods in Easter Carmuirs Park explains:

“This park has a small, wooded area, used by the local school nursery for woodland nursery experiences.  It is also used by groups to drink, make a mess, and set fires.  One nursery parent decided to clear the area and was joined by 2 others who spent a morning clearing rubbish to make the area safe for children to enjoy the outdoors.”

If anybody or a local group wish to borrow the Clear up equipment and be covered with Public Liability for your litter pick then please contact: John Hosie at or phone on 07391524528

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