Here at Our Place Camelon and Tamfourhill, we want to help you get the best opportunities in life. So below are details of courses we can supply directly, but also links to courses we highly recommend for you from other providers. (There’s lots more to come – we’re building this list all the time). Please note that we are not responsible for the content of other sites or their courses, but have done our best to source the best and safest options for you. Remember, for any courses that have a fee attached, you can get up to £200 towards the cost of a training course with an SDS Individual Training Account. Find out more information and apply here.

OPCT Courses

Creative Writing Introduction Course

External Courses

Get started with online learning (from Open Learn)

Get Cooking and Get Growing (from Food for Life Get Togethers)

CSCS Course – Rehis Elementary Health & Safety (from Community Focus Scotland via My World of Work)

Using your computer (from Learn my Way)

Online Safety (from Learn my Way)

Smart Internet (from Learn my Way)

Online Shopping (from Learn my Way)

Socialising online (from Learn my Way)

Using Facebook (from Learn my Way)