Thematic Areas Summary

Putting Local People FirstMore for Everyone to doA Safer Place to LiveA more attractive environment
1. A better forum to bring local people and professionals together;
2. Innovative communication including a local newspaper, simple messages, memes and other tools;
3. Celebrations and events building on Mariners Day;
4. Training and capacity building in the community.
1. Local people designing services;
2. Affordable activities for all including leisure, culture and sport activity;
3. Improved facilities particularly the Camelon Community Centre but other facilities too.

1. Addressing anti-social behaviour and the impact of addiction;
2. Establish a Camelon Community Safety Group;
3. Camelon Advice Shop;
4. Improving the environment particularly opening up green space and parks;
5. Road Safety.

1. Improving play parks and sports fields;
2. Improving outdoor leisure facilities;
3. Developing the Camelon Main Street with sustainable businesses;
4. Bring derelict buildings into use;
5. Better links to and use of the canal.

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