Community Safety

Your Local Community Safety Engager is John Hosie

John is here to ensure that Community Safety is put firmly onto the local agenda. His aim is to support the development of a community led strategy – the first edition of which was launched in April 2021. The intended outcomes will be to achieve a community that feels safe, keeps safe and which builds mutual respect and greater community cohesion.

John is leading on our #tidycleangreen strategy and supporting a range of Community Safety focused developments in the area involving local residents and organisations.

You can check out John’s weekly blog – published every Tuesday – on our news page.
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John Hosie – Community Safety Engager

More about John:
My background has been in detached youth work and community development work and I have been involved with supporting a wide array of local community-based Projects and initiatives.  The essential features have been to facilitate local ownership and empowerment and to ensure these projects have been developed in accordance with local people’s aspirations and vision.  I am new to this area and arrive with an open mind, a blank canvas, and an enthusiasm to have a positive and effective impact upon the local community. See below for John’s introductory video from May 2020.

Contact John on
or 07391 524528

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Introduction Video from John Hosie, May 2020

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