Putting Local People First

People in Camelon like the friendliness of the people who live here as well as the strong community spirit and pride in the area. However, people describe a desire to have more of a say in decisions made locally and that current mechanisms can be daunting.

There is a belief in the community that nothing will change. Younger people in the community are the sort of people that can make these things happen. The most important thing for the vision is to encourage people to think that things might change.

Working on the aims below should help empower people and develop this opportunity:

  • Bringing professionals and local residents together in a way that works for everyone, where people feel comfortable, included, valued encouraged and able to contribute.   There will be new opportunities for local people to get involved in decision making.
  • Many people felt they didn’t know what was going on locally.  We will work to promote involvement opportunities in a way that reaches more and different kinds of people.
  • More community celebrations and events, led and managed by more people.
  • Supporting people to develop their skills, knowledge and confidence so that they feel more able to be involved.

This overarching theme will create new ways of working in Camelon.  Not only will the other three themes be delivered better but there will be a legacy left when Our Place formally finishes.

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