Our Place Background

The vision : Making this an even better place to stay

Our vision is to make Camelon and Tamfourhill a safer, happier and more attractive place to live, putting local people first with more for everyone to do together from cradle to grave.

Our Place was a place-based initiative from the Big Lottery Fund that aimed to build stronger connections and relationships in communities, empowering local people and organisations to bring about positive and lasting changes in their neighbourhood. The Camelon / Tamfourhill area of Falkirk was one of 7 areas in Scotland and the community has been working together on this vision since August 2014.  The vision for the area was set out and rooted in what local people said about the place where they live.

Data was gathered over the first year by speaking to residents and others with an interest in the area.  This was gleaned from various community events, interviews, conversations, facebook comments and so on as well as a detailed listening survey.

Overall people highlighted they liked the area they lived in and highlighted specific areas that the community felt that needed to improve.

Various projects were developed, funded and delivered through the scheme with £1.2m being distributed locally.  All projects funded by Our Place have had to fit with one of the key themes, but this was not just about Our Place investment, it was about local people committing to this vision and working towards achieving positive change. The link below will provide more information on each of the funded projects.

Key Themes from the Project

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