Community Growing

We are developing a Community Growing Group in the area. This will enable us to look at how we can turn some local sites – either local litter hotspots or just unused areas – into something beautiful. We can do this by undertaking community gardening that may be as simple as “seed bombing” or spreading some wildflower seeds, but could be as involved as growing food that could ultimately benefit local food pantry’s as well. We may just develop a very small area, or work on a larger plot over a longer period of time. Basically, the opportunities are endless and hopefully will give a fresh outlet for all those of you who developed green fingers during lockdown in your own garden or balcony, or took part in the ‘veg on a ledge’ scheme, as well as those for whom this kind of thing is second nature.

News worth sharing

Veg Your Ledge Workshops (May 2021)
Community Climate Asset Funding Received (Jan 2021)

We have identified a couple of sites and at the start of this process, we took a little video tour around some of them, which you can see below:

This is also shown in map form here and has been updated slightly since the video:

We’re currently getting going very tentatively including working with Forth Valley Sensory Centre’s established Kitchen Garden. We are also looking at funding options and negotiating the necessary permissions to enable larger activity. There’s a long road ahead but at the end of it, we hope to have volunteers across the community engaged in a range of growing activity, including providing training opportunities.

If you fancy getting involved in a Community Growing team, please complete this short survey and we’ll get in touch. If you just want to know more information, or would like to support local growing efforts in some way, please contact our Community Coach, Dan Rous, on 07444 873151 or

You can also learn about our other work to tidy up the area, under the banner of “Keep Camelon and Tamfourhill, Tidy, Clean and Green” by clicking that heading to go to our dedicated page for this.

Inaugural Group Members visiting Forth Valley Sensory Centre Kitchen Garden