Fun in the Park

Come and enjoy an afternoon of fun, games, food and information at Easter Carmuirs Park on Sunday 24 October. There’s so much happening. Here’s the summary of what you can look forward to:

We’ll have free hot dogs and some other snacks, plus Easter Carmuirs School Parent Council are bringing their popcorn machine. You can also have a freshly made fruit smoothie – the only catch being you’ll have to make the smoothie yourself on the smoothie bike. Thanks to Forth Environment Link for the bike and Tesco Camelon for the fruit.

We’ll have a selection of bulbs for you to plant in pots and take away with you to nurture as they grow. Thanks to Falkirk Council Environment Department and Torwood Garden Centre for their support with everything you’ll need for this and to the Tidy, Clean, Green group for their help.

Bike Ramps
Forth Environment Link are bringing their portable bike ramps along to set up a wee circuit in the park. Please note that due to the peaks on the ramps, a minimum 24″ bike frame will be allowed on the circuit, or bmx style bikes. Thanks to FEL for providing and looking after this for us.

Active Travel Parade
Camelon Arts are coordinating an Active Travel Parade and will meet at 2.30pm at our event tent. You bring yourselves, they’ll bring the music, and together we will parade to our hearts content. Bicycles, rollerblades, scooters, skateboards, wheelchairs – all welcome! If your child hasn’t got anything to use for this, don’t worry, as Easter Carmuirs Primary School have kindly leant us some scooters for the event. By the way, to really bring that wow factor, wear your brightest clothes, customise your wheels, and show off your lights. The bigger the better!  If you’d like to take part or volunteer as a steward, you can email

Bike Recycling
If you’ve got a bike you don’t need anymore, or even bits of bikes, we can make use of them. With the help of Scott Walker, Bicycle Mechanic, we will take your bikes and either refurbish them for community use, or strip them down for spare parts for future bicycle repair workshops. Just bring them along to the gazebo or if you need us to come and get them from you, just message Dan at

Bike Raffle
Scott Walker has kindly donated 4 refurbished bikes for us to raffle off. Just £1 gets you an entry. Bring your cash on the day – it’s the only cash you’ll need at this event! We’ve got a 24″ boys bike, a 26″ unisex bike, 26″ ladies bike and a 26″ girls bike available on this occasion. Thanks so much to Scott for his support.

Pop Up Park
Our Tidy Clean Green group will be setting up a pop up park for you to sit back, relax, and enjoy the surroundings. There’ll be games, biscuits, and a chance to just have a chat with people in this relaxed setting.

Halloween Costume Loan
Easter Carmuirs School Parent Council have a load of Halloween Costumes and we’ve been able to add some to that from Camelon Community Hub as well, so, if you’re not able to get one for your child, you can borrow one for free instead. You save money but your child doesn’t miss out on the fun. This is open to all children in the whole Camelon and Tamfourhill community.

We’ll have a load of information about groups in the area, including some new ones, plus the launch of Friends of Easter Carmuirs Park. Come along, find out what’s going on, and get involved to make even more great stuff happen in our community.