Funded Projects

As part of the Our Place programme of work and support in the area since 2014, £1.5m has been directly invested into 11 projects. This page will help to celebrate that investment – some of which is on going and can be built on for years to come. (Pictures coming soon!)

Camelon Festivals
November 2016: £100,000 to Camelon Community Centre to run a three-year activity programme including an annual Winter Festival and summer Mariner’s Day event. The activities will be free to attend and aimed at residents in Camelon and Tamfourhill, bringing people and organisations together to celebrate their local area and creating a greater sense of community pride and cohesion.

Easter Carmuirs Park
February 2017: £12,000 to Central Scotland Green Network Trust for Masterplanning.
May 2019: £58,000 to Central Scotland Green Network Trust towards Phase 1 Park Development works totalling circa £400,000. The project will deliver the first phase of priority improvements to the park, a key local asset which at present is underused and inaccessible for many in the community. The group will carry out a range of physical improvements, including a network of paths, planting and seating, which will improve accessibility, appearance and biodiversity of the park, opening up the space for more people in the community to enjoy.

Woodcraft Folk
May 2017: £69,744 to Woodcraft Folk to run a three-year activity programme including establishing three new WF groups in Camelon, Carmuirs and Tamfourhill.

Roman Playpark
June 2017: £152,649 to Tamfourhill Tenants and Residents Association to plan and build a Roman themed play park which will replace the existing playpark located at Tamfourhill Community Hall, Machrie Court in Falkirk. The theme was chosen as the site is adjacent to the route of the Antonine Wall including Tamfourhill Camp and Watling Lodge, the latter being one of the best-preserved sections of the Antonine Wall ditch. TTRA and local residents wished to improve the playpark to make it an attractive and important resource within the local community, providing a place for families to use and to restore pride in the area.

Nailer Road Park
June 2017: £129,980 to Communities Along The Carron Association (CATCA) to deliver a 2 year project in partnership with Falkirk Councils Development Services Environment Team (FCDSE). Nailer Road Park will be redeveloped, led by FCDSE, with the installation of circular paths with spurs, the relocation of some play equipment, the installation of new items of play equipment and trim trail equipment.  A bespoke community volunteer programme will be developed, delivering training to local people with a focus on working in and enjoying the improved park. CATCA will deliver outdoor activities and workshops.

Camelon Arts
January 2018: £5,000 to Artlink Central to develop proposals for a larger project.
December 2018: £185,000 to Artlink Central to deliver an inclusive arts project over 3 years. The organisation will coordinate a range of artists to work on different artistic activities on an ongoing basis. Through linking with various local partner organisations including other Our Place groups, the funding will enable arts activities to act as a vehicle for community engagement and development and will encourage a sense of pride, connectivity and ownership in the local community.

Active Camelon
October 2018: £248,670 to Camelon Community Sports Hub for a 5 year local activity programme. The activity will allow local people to take part in various activities and sports including football, rugby, gymnastics, table tennis, walking, netball and line dancing. Volunteering will be encouraged in a number of roles including as community champions or sports coaches. Training to national standard will be available for those who wish to become sports coaches.

Camelon CAN
December 2018: £98,000 to The Conservation Volunteers as part of the wider regeneration of Easter Carmuirs Park. The group will deliver a 2 year community engagement programme using the currently underused Ochiltree Club on the edge of Easter Carmuirs Park as a focal point for a range of activities to support the community to make better use of their surrounding natural environment, with the ultimate aim of promoting a sense of increased pride in and ownership of the area surrounding Easter Carmuirs Park. It is envisaged that the project will include working in partnership with the Ochiltree Tree Club to regenerate the facility and surrounding area for wider community benefit, and promote diverse use of the local natural environment. Activities will target people of all ages within the community and will include a children’s nature skills club, growing and gardening sessions, forest skills for youth groups and seasonal family events.

Canal Connections
July 2019: £13,000 to The Conservation Volunteers to deliver a 10 week pilot programme of diversionary and therapeutic activities along the canal to at risk and vulnerable families in the Camelon and Tamfourhill areas. The group will work with Falkirk Council CLD and Seagull Canal Cruises to deliver a series of activities on land and on the water including basic bushcraft, willow weaving, safe fire lighting, wildlife spotting, photography, canal maintenance and water safety. The project will aim to connect local people with the canal network and landmarks such as the Falkirk Wheel and the Kelpies and will also be an opportunity for young people and families experiencing challenging circumstances to try something new, gain skills and an understanding of the wellbeing benefits of making use of the canal and surrounding environment.

Navigator Project
March 2019: £150,000 to Cyrenians to deliver a 2 year project that will focus on supporting people with convictions to reintegrate to the community, aiming to reduce the stigma surrounding this group and to foster an improved sense of safety within the local community. The project will do this through a combination of one-to-one support for people leaving the justice system who want to take an active role in their community, through signposting to existing services and through working with local employers and voluntary organisations to promote the recruitment and involvement of people with convictions. The project will be delivered by one full time ‘navigator’ who will be peripatetic but based in Camelon and who will work closely with a range of key local partners.

Kemlin Kin
April 2020: £268,266 to Tamfourhill Tenants and Residents Organisation to engage two development workers to lead two separate but linked workstreams, one around capacity-building to ensure that community groups in Camelon and Tamfourhill continue to flourish past the end of the Our Place programme, and one around the theme of community safety, which has been repeatedly highlighted as a local priority. The workers are employed and managed by the Tamfourhill tenants and residents organisation and they will work closely with a steering group made up of local people and organisations to enhance community empowerment and ensure local people have a voice within the local area. This project is the final one to be developed as part of Our Place Camelon and will support the community to create a legacy for the work that has taken place.

Overview of projects funded since 2016 (pdf download)

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