Community Development

We are here to come alongside individuals in, or organisations working with or for, the communities of Camelon and Tamfourhill, to support them according to need and help them to grow, be encouraged, and made stronger and resilient for the future. We can provide training and support for groups and individuals, including how and where to access funding, operational issues, property matters, marketing, development and much more.

We aim to ensure that all local support and activity will continue and grow in the future as well as encouraging new activities to take place.  This is a great area with so much potential and we are eager to do our part to harness and develop the potential within.

This is very much about working alongside you and not doing things for you. The quote “Nothing about us, without us” has often been ignored in this area. Everything we can support will very much be ‘with you’ and when you’re ready, it will be ‘by you’.

Community Development Worker
We are currently recruiting for this post.

In the interim, if you need any help or support as outlined above, contact Lynne, Shona or John and they will help you. All details on the contact page.

You can sign up for adhoc updates via our MailChimp service on this link

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