Creative Writing Introduction – Session 3 – Page 6

Writing Task – What’s in the Middle

If you were paying close attention on the last section, you’ll notice we only looked at the beginning and the end of your story.  You don’t need a degree to know that something has to happen in the middle!  As much as the beginning will draw your reader in and the ending will make your reader want to buy the sequel, the middle is full of all the detail that will keep them enthralled on every page. 

So, for your main writing task this week, we are going to give you a beginning and ending to a story and it is up to you to write whatever happens in between.

The beginning is: ‘You have to follow the instructions.’

The ending is: ‘The end result was not what they expected.’

If you’ve followed each exercise through fully, you’ll have done a lot of writing in this session.  So let’s keep this writing task exercise simple.  Once you’re ready to begin, set a timer for just fifteen minutes and write what happened in the middle of the story.  Think about who has to follow whatever the instructions are, and why? Write in whatever form, style or genre works best for you, and feel free to utilise some of the ideas and characters you’ve written down through the exercises in this session.

When you have finished, read through what you have written, and if you’re pleased with what you’ve come up with, make a few notes about how you could expand or refine the piece you’ve begun creating. 

This is a great exercise in pushing yourself to write a story and trying to avoid the dreaded writers block!

Once again, please send your ‘middles’ in to us at so the team can take a look. Feel free to also send in any of the other work you’ve done through the exercises in this week’s work whether you’re really pleased with it or if you need some help. Don’t forget that we’re here to answer any questions or deal with any thoughts, suggestions or concerns you may have.

Happy writing. See you next time!