Creative Writing Introduction – Session 3 – Page 5

5. Adding Transitions

As you write, you need to take the reader on the same journey that you’re going on, which includes writing about passages of time.  To do this, you need to add transition words.  Remember, the amount of time that passes can be long like years or short like a few minutes – it’s up to you, but you need to be clear so that the reader doesn’t get confused.  Here’s a couple of examples:

Transition WordsTransitions with Time
LaterLater that week
AfterAfter a few minutes
NextThen, (action)
SoonThe next day


Practice by using the beginning of your story and to make it easier, think about breaking your beginning into two parts.  To add an extra dimension, you could always begin with a significant scene that takes your reader forwards or backwards in story’s timescale.

Beginning Part One

  • Establish when your story takes place
  • Describe the main event

Beginning Part Two

  • Use a transition to show that time has passed
  • Describe the main event


Your story does not last forever but you can’t just stop!  You need to signal to the reader that the ending is coming so they’re not taken by surprise or worse still, disappointed that the story has ended so suddenly.  This is possibly the most important transition as you move towards the end.  Here are some examples for ending Transition Words:

LastlyIn the end
FinallyAfter it all

Practice by finding the ending for your story.  This may take various forms as you work out how to end your story, but whatever direction you take, make sure that the last event you write down actually resolves the plot/problem of the story.  You may have had an idea in your head of how to end the story from before you began.  Make sure this still makes sense as the story has evolved.  It’s okay to change your initial idea!

  • Tansition to the story resolution
  • Describe the main event

Again, take as much time as you need working on different ideas in this section before you move on to the main writing task for this week.