Creative Writing Introduction – Session 3 – Page 4

4. Sequencing your writing

Now we can move on and write about the events that happen to the character(s).  This starts to create your timeline – the sequence for the framework of the story.  Write some notes on each of the following:


  • Where are the character(s)?
  • What are the character(s) doing?
  • What are the character(s) thinking?
  • How do the character(s) act and react to each other?

But then

  • What changes?
    • Actions
    • Thoughts
    • Reaction
    • Setting
  • What problem or conflict does the change create?


  • How is the problem or conflict solved?
  • What roles do the characters play in the resolution?
  • How are the characters different?

Take as much time as you need on this section. Then when you’re ready click below to move onto the next section.