Creative Writing Introduction – Session 3 – Page 3

3. Characters

The characters or narrator play a key role in your story.  They provide the thoughts, feelings, and emotions that help the reader engage fully in what you have written.  You may have some characters in mind already, or you may be coming to this cold.  Take some time to think up a couple of important characters and focus on what their role might be in your writing.

Consider who is the character and what their role is in the story? Write them down for future reference.

Now think about the following things about your characters:

  • Who is telling your story?
  • What is important to that character?
  • What problem do they have to solve?
  • What do they want?

Having these things in mind from the start is important to ensure a feeling of continuity within your story, however, don’t be closed off to being surprised where your writing takes your character as it develops. Have a play around with the profile of a few characters before going on to the next section.