Creative Writing Introduction – Session 2 – Page 5

Writing Task

In summary, the start of your story is so important, so it’s worth experimenting several different introductions to see what works best. And this is what we’re asking you to do for this week’s task. 

It may be that you know exactly where your story begins, or it may be that you’ve got a story but are looking for the best way in.  As with everything in creative writing, there’s no one-size-fits-all method, and you need to apply the best one for your particular story or style.  If this is your first venture into writing, we know you will still be trying to discover what that style is.  The best (and probably only) way to do this is to test it several ways. Be prepared to revise it when you’ve finished and refine it until it’s perfect.  Hopefully the 10 tips we’ve gone through (go back for a recap if you need it) will help you in this so, for now, get writing!

We want you to write an opening paragraph for your story – around 50 words.  Hook us in.  Make us want to come back for more. That’s all we want this time. Just 50 words! Although, if you want to do a couple of story starters then go for it. We’re not going to stop those creative juices flowing! What will you come up with?

When you’ve done one or more opening paragraphs, please send them in to us at so the team can take a look.  As before, we’re here to answer any questions or deal with any thoughts, suggestions or concerns you may have.