Creative Writing Introduction – Session 2 – Page 3b

4 Types of Sentence

How did you get on with that quiz? Again, if you want to run over it once more, just click the quiz button, otherwise, just scroll on down and we’ll carry on. Whatever you do, here’s a recap of the types of sentences we’ve looked at.

  • Declarative – makes a statement – Example: I like chocolate.
  • Interrogative – asks a question – Example: Do you like chocolate?
  • Imperative – gives a command – Example: Give me the chocolate.
  • Exclamatory – shows strong emotion – Example: I love chocolate!

However you got on with this quiz, hopefully you’ve got some new information or a reminder of some basic principles of writing. So, everyone breathe as that’s the technical stuff done! Let’s head on to look at how to get going with that story of yours.