Creative Writing

Our Creative Writing Introduction Course launches in March 2021. Applications are closed for now, but if you’re interested, please email to go on a waiting list.

Through 6 sessions that will be delivered with a mix of live ‘online via zoom’ and ‘work offline at your own pace’ learning, we will give you an overview of how to get started in Creative Writing, with hints and tips along the way to help you get into writing in its various forms. 

The course has been compiled with beginners in mind, and is supplement by two experts – Susan Marshall and Kev McPhee – local writers who want to inspire and help you on your own journey to writing. Additionally, our friends at Camelon Arts will be supporting in a variety of ways.  During the course there will be various practical tasks for you to do along the way that will take you through different styles of writing which might help you decide (if you haven’t already), what kind of writer you think you want to be, or what writing style you will have. For a bit more on this plus some teasers about what we’d like to do, have a watch of this video from one of our experts, Kev McPhee.