1 to 1 Coaching

Our very own Community Coach, Dan Rous, is here to support you to achieve the potential that is within you. No matter what stage you’re at in your life, there is a path to help you move forwards to a positive future. Whether you’re starting out, needing a change, rebuilding or whatever, impaCT 1 to 1 Coaching can and will help you on that pathway.

Coaching is the process of coming alongside someone to help them get clarity and confidence in addressing life’s opportunities. It is an ongoing conversation that empowers a person to fully live out their potential – both personal and professional. The goal of coaching is for the coachee to discover insights about themselves, and to take action in reshaping their life.

The coaching relationship is expected to encourage insights, to facilitate greater personal awareness, to change behaviours, to initiate actions and, ultimately, to produce outcomes that satisfy the coachee.  Much is expected of them: it is their responsibility to imagine, reason, identify, plan, decide, and implement their goals.

Our Place Camelon and Tamfourhill are pleased to be able to offer this impaCT coaching programme for local residents for free. It will involve an hour long session each month for 6 months during which you will be guided in your thoughts and actions to understand what is within you and what direction you need to take.

One of our in-person coaching rooms

These sessions can happen in person or online via Zoom. All decisions and actions will be made by you with the help of our coach. You are in control of the process and it will go at a speed suitable for each individual.

There are some helpful pictures/quotes below that will give you more insight into what this is all about. Click any of them to make it larger. Some refer to a thing called ‘Mining for Gold’ that is one of the processes we’ll use. You can read more about this in one of our blogs. It’s great fun!

If you need some more information, here’s the launch presentation video from April 2021 for you to watch, plus you can download the “What is OPCT 1 to 1 Coaching” document through the link below. You can of course contact our Coach, Dan Rous, for an informal chat, to see if this is for you. Email communitycoach@tamfourhilltro.co.uk or call 07444 873151.

What is OPCT 1 to 1 Coaching

Here’s just a few reasons why you should use our FREE impaCT Coaching service:

To make significant life changes

To make better decisions

To set better goals and reach them faster

To address changes in location or work

To reduce stress, isolation, or uncertainty

To progress personally

To improve your relationships

To make a bigger impact on the world

To be a better leader

To better understand who you are

To simplify or prioritize your life

To evaluate your pace of life