The Carmuirs Development Project:

Over the next 2 months the Tidy, Clean and Green Community Group with the support of the Our Place Camelon and Tamfourhill Project will be coordinating a programme of activities and events which will be focused upon environmental improvement and the development of two locations: the Camelon Juniors FC Car park and adjoining land, including the route leading onto the canal towpath and the old Brown Street park. This Project is funded through the Community Renewal Fund as part of the Falkirk Canal Connections Community Engagement and Skills theme. The key consultation and engagement elements of the Project have been commissioned to Rocket Science an Edinburgh based company and The Conservation Volunteers.  

How can this location be better used for community benefit ?

The Project will build upon ongoing community consultations and events which have taken place over the last 2 years, which included:  community safety surveys and workshops, the Fun for the Future event in February of this year and the Gather and Play Event which was delivered in partnership with Camelon Arts Project back in October 2021, community growing activities which involved tree and bulb planting at the old Brown Street Park site as most recent as June 2022 and ongoing litter picks and clear ups throughout the local area . This period of activity highlighted, through the involvement of local people, that there were 4 key themes for improving these community spaces:

  • Security & Community Safety
  • Safe play for children, young people, and families
  • Creative arts projects
  • Community growing and greening activities.

Whilst acknowledging that other stakeholders will have quite specific aspirations for some of these locations and that there is in no respect an agreed consensus for the development and environmental improvement of these particular locations, these 4 key themes will be checked out and revised by the Consultants and will form the starting point for the Carmuirs Development project. Progress will be reliant upon local people, organisations and groups coming forward to take this Project to the next stage, and at this initial phase the priority is to seek the views and involvement of the local community and to then look at what could be developed. Essentially without the community agreeing to a set of proposals and then forming a means of securing funding and resourcing these ideas and suggestions will not get progressed. This will be challenging but I am hopeful that we can through this initial process involve and motivate sufficient local people, stakeholders, and organisations to come together to take some of the Carmuirs Development Projects proposals forward beyond September 2022. The bottom line is that without community buy in and local volunteers coming forward to steer the ideas it will not be possible to make the changes happen that we identify over the next 2 months.    

The Project will involve: Focus group sessions, targeted meetings and interviews with all the key stakeholders, a survey and a programme of community events and activities. The activity programme for August is detailed below and these sessions will provide a forum for the consultants to engage and discuss the views and aspirations of local people and provide some free and enjoyable activities for the community which have a theme of environmental improvement and safe creative play in the outdoors.   (The Programme for September will be published in next month’s community safety blog and throughout the local area)

Looking at creative ideas and a wall mural in October 2021

Recently panted trees in the Brown Street Park

Carmuirs Development Project: Delivery timeline and activities for August 2022

ActivityDate & TimeLocationTarget GroupTo register or take partOrganisations/groups Involved:  
Collaborative construction creative projectFriday 5th August: All dayCJFC Car park & canal towpathCommunityJust turn upEnvironmental artist & Canal College
Conservation & nature activitiesFriday 5th August 3pm-6pmCJFC Car park on the grass areaChildren, young people, familiesJust turn upThe Conservation Volunteers
Consultation & surveysFriday 5th August 3pm-6pmCJFC Car parkCommunityJust turn upRocket Science
Twilight Sports & BarbecueFriday 5th August 6pm-9pmCarradale Ave MUGA (Basketball Court)Young people 10-16 years old and familyJust turn upOur Place Camelon and Tamfourhill, Tidy, Clean and Green, TCV, Rocket Science.
Pop up Park with free refreshments & Environmental activitiesThursday 11th August 12noon-4pmCJFC Car park grass areaCommunityJust turn upTidy, Clean and Green  
Sensory activities and stallThursday 11th August 12noon-4pmCJFC Car park areaCommunityJust turn upThe Conservation Volunteers and Rocket Science.
Collaborative construction creative projectThursday 11th August 12noon-4pmCJFC Car park & Canal towpathCommunityJust turn upEnvironmental artist and canal college.
Jaggy Thistle Focus GroupTuesday 16th August 10.30am-2pmLock 16 and the CanalYoung people 12-16 years old5 places only, contact the community safety engagerGo Forth and Clyde, Rocket Science.
Family Canal clear up, conservation day, lunch provided: Focus group & surveysSaturday 27th August 10am-4pmFalkirk Wheel and the Canal.Families12 places only contact the community safety engagerOur Place Camelon and Tamfourhill, Tidy, Clean Green, The Conservation volunteers and Rocket Science.
Carmuirs Development Project Programme for August

The Twilight Sports Programme:

This programme has been busy each Friday night and enjoyed and valued by local young people and the wider community. As a community safety activity, it has been supported by the local community police and the Fire and Rescue Service and I would personally like to thank them for their ongoing support, and I know the young people really enjoyed them being in attendance and their visits became an integral part of the evening’s activities. The Falkirk Wheelers have facilitated an innovate and fun way of involving young people with sport and wellbeing activities and I have been very impressed with the skills of the participating young people, and noted how their confidence and abilities have improved week upon week. The Twilight sports sessions have also provided more traditional sports, including football and rugby and there has also been inputs from TCV who provided some nature based activities. The sessions provide a safe, welcoming, and positive arena, and I would like to build upon that success, and I will therefore be exploring options with the different Partners to see how we can support the Twilight sports through the winter. The present programme has been generously funded by Camelon Community Sport Hub and Police Scotland and I will be meeting with the funders to look at how we can support the twilight posts in the longer term and also identify other funders and sponsors and encourage them to come on board. I am very grateful to a number of volunteers who have turned up regularly and the ongoing support of parents and grandparents, and to celebrate the conclusion of this series of sessions there will be a barbecue at the Twilight sports on Friday 5th August at the Carradale Avenue MUGA from 6pm. The consultants from the Carmuirs Development Project will be in attendance to discuss and listen about the themes they are developing around environmental improvement and new opportunities for Carmuirs, I look forward to seeing lots of regular faces on Friday 5th August.     

The John Muir Discovery Award:

And Into the forest I go, to lose my mind and find my soul: John Muir

I have in a previous community safety blog highlighted the importance of safe outdoor play and the legacy of the great Scottish conservationist, explorer and campaigner, John Muir I am therefore very happy to highlight the work of the John Muir Award group who are young people who regularly attend activities and programmes operating at the Tamfourhill Community Hub. It has been a really positive experience supporting this Group on their journey through the John Muir Discovery Award and the programmed activities in particular which have been led by The Conservation Volunteers. We have been discovering and exploring wild places, including the canal, canal tow path, Easter Carmuirs Park, and the woods beside Tamfourhill Community Hub. I believe conservation and giving back to nature is a key element of community safety especially within the context of climate change. In next weeks blog I will be highlighting the work that is being carried out to confirm a local Community Climate Action Plan.

Throwing wild flower seed bombs in Easter Carmuirs Park

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