Lots of Summer fun in this month’s Community Safety Bulletin:

The Twilight Sports Pilot Project has grown form strength to strength, it was a real wrench to have to leave the MUGA on Carradale Avenue in Tamfourhill, the sessions had become busier with regular faces turning up every week and where the inline skating and rollerblading proved to be very popular. We are now at Easter Carmuirs Park where football is now the lead sport, but there has also been great interest with the Dr Bike service provided by Forth Environment Link. Due to the level of demand, we have also continued with the Falkirk Wheelers and their inline skating sessions.

Fitba crazy at Easter Carmuirs Park

I don’t want to lose the focus of these sessions which are about community safety and providing positive, healthy opportunities for local young people on a Friday night when other more negative options are very easily drifted into. In this respect I would like to thank and acknowledge our colleagues in the fire and police services who have come down, got involved, had a laugh and who are building trust and positive relationships with the young people and their parents. I believe that this approach will be beneficial to everybody in the longer term as we facilitate trust and mutual respect which will all contribute to creating a safer Camelon and Tamfourhill. The Sports sessions return after a weeks holiday this Friday 10th June from 6pm-9pm at Easter Carmuirs Park. The full twilight sports programme is detailed below:

The Programme

The Safer Streets roadshow concluded on the 26th May at Tamfourhill Community Hub car park , a number of consistent themes emerged through the community engagement at the roadshows, namely: Improved security and monitoring of key locations to make them safer places for everyone in the community, the prevalence of fly-tipping at specific locations, housing issues and a significant amount of networking took place which will facilitate new local approaches to tackling ASB ,and different groups and organisations were able to  highlight and signpost local people to their  support services and community provisions. A full evaluation and planning for future Safer Streets activities is planned for the end of this month. My fortnightly community safety drop-ins will continue, so you will only get me on my own, but I will nevertheless support any local person access or link with the other safer streets partners, my drop-in programme for the next month is: Wednesday 8th June 10am-12noon at Love Falkirk 1pm-3pm at Camelon Education Centre and Thursday 9th June 10am-12noon at Tamfourhill Community Hub, the kettle is always on so pop down for a chat about any community safety matters, issues or concerns.

A community safety strategy for Camelon and Tamfourhill

The Core Group who are working on the Community Climate Action Plan (CCAP) have been meeting at Tamfourhill Community Hub, the most recent session was looking at what community-based projects could be supported and developed for Camelon and Tamfourhill. This has focussed upon: community growing opportunities, improving the energy efficiency of community buildings, developing renewable energy sources, healthy eating and cooking classes, setting up community orchards and creating new partnerships for delivering climate change activities in both the community and Falkirk high School. The Core Group are distributing a climate change survey and it would be really helpful if you could complete the survey, it will be available at all of next month’s community events and once there is an online link I wild post that onto the Our Place Social Media platforms.

Working on the CCAP

I have been supporting climate change sessions with the Falkirk High School Changemakers Group which will be contributing to the wider CCAP. This involved an extensive litter pick from the school down to Lock 14 on the canal and through Camelon Public Park. This is a route that many young people from the school use for their lunches and has resulted in the area becoming very littered. The Changemakers group collected 12 bags of rubbish, some of which were recycled, and they also carried out a litter survey. This was further explored through the Group agreeing their own climate change strategies for the school, which will also help with reducing the level of littering on that particular route. The poster below highlights the top 10 litter problems around the school, and it will form part of an anti-littering and recycling campaign being organised for the school.  My thanks to Ella Gorman the Education officer at Falkirk council Waste Services for producing the poster and cofacilitating the session with the schools Changemakers group.  

The top 10 litter items around Falkirk High School and Lock 14

To finish of this month’s bulletin, I want to highlight some community events and activities that are scheduled for the next few weeks, and I am sure will receive considerable community support and involvement:

  • On Friday 14th June from 1.30pm is Easter Carmuirs Primary Schools summer fayre, in particular there will be some excellent news to announce with the launch of the Sustrans Pocket Places Project which will see some improvements to the parking and access problems around the school and therefore a better environment for active travel to school. This has been a long-term area of work which is closely aligned to the local community safety strategy and the aspiration to create a lower traffic neighbourhood with much improved road safety. Please pop along on Friday and find out the details about this new exciting local school and community development.
  • I am pleased to announce that after the destruction of the community planted tree saplings in Brown Street park that there will be a replanting event involving Carmuirs Primary school and this will take place before the end of the summer term, I will highlight and focus on this event in next month’s community safety blog.
  • The Our Place Project has been working closely with the Green Action Trust and Liz Thomas a landscape architect at Easter Carmuirs Park and Liz will be circulating a consultation flyer which details a number of possible safe play developments for the park. I will make sure that this document is made widely available on the Our Place social media platforms and invite all interested people to contribute to that prioritising exercise.  
  • And finally, after a 2-year absence Mariners Day returns in the form of the community fun day which is taking place on Saturday 11th June from 1pm-4pm in Camelon Park on Stirling Road, directly across from the golf club. All inflatables, games, and food are free, and it is shaping up to be a wonderful family day and celebration of the Mariners and the local community.

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