A Safer Streets Roadshow is coming to Camelon and Tamfourhill: Thursday 7th October 2pm-6.30pm

As part of the community safety strategy for Camelon and Tamfourhill  a Safer Streets Roadshow will be in these areas on Thursday 7th October from 2pm-6.30pm. The Roadshow represents a proactive approach to addressing community safety concerns whilst also intending to  promote  positive community developments which will then encourage new community activities and initiatives. Essentially,  we are asking local people if they have any ideas that will make their streets safer? Or if they want to look at new approaches to resolving local issues? If people want to make a difference to Camelon and Tamfourhill then the Partners of the Roadshow are inviting them to  please come along and have a  chat with the  staff and volunteers who will be in attendance representing a wide  range of agencies and local organisations and groups. The commitment is to  listen to local peoples issues, ideas, and suggestion and then to work together in partnership so that we can all make Camelon and Tamfourhill a  safer, happier, and  a more attractive place to live.

An aim of the Safer Streets Initiative is to improve community cohesion

The full community safety strategy can be found here:

 The Roadshow is concerned with a number of the local strategies key outcomes, and these were identified through the consultation and discussions that were facilitated about community safety throughout 2020 and early 2021:  

  • The community will have greater capacity to address the negative impacts of anti-social behaviour.
  • The Community will have an improved sense of security and reassurance about their homes, property, and assets.
  • Local people will have a greater confidence in the agencies that deliver relevant services.
  • There will be improved partnership working and greater collaboration between the community and agencies.
  • The Level of anxiety about local substance use will be reduced.
  • There will be improved community cohesion.

This is an ideal opportunity for local people to raise their concerns with the agencies and services that are involved with all aspects of the communities daily lives. It is important however that we are able to make positive responses and encourage new ideas and ways of working together which improve people’s lives and where in partnership we can  create new opportunities for community development. I hope that all of the agencies and  groups involved can recognise the communities existing assets and that through our discussions on Thursday that we can identify new local volunteers and further build the communities capacity to deliver and develop new projects and initiatives. In this respect there will be local volunteers asking questions about the formation of a new community council, others will be asking if it would be appropriate to establish a new styled Neighbourhood Watch scheme and indeed would it be helpful and useful to  establish  a regular community safety forum

The Safer Streets Initiative will be rolled out throughout Camelon and Tamfourhill next Spring

The Safer Streets Roadshow will take place on Thursday 7th October. The first session will be held at Tamfourhill Community Hub car park from 2-4pm and the second session will be hosted  at Camelon Education Centre car park from 4:30-6.30pm. This roadshow will be a taster or trial for a longer term roll out of  the Safer Streets Initiative next in spring, so we really do want to encourage local people to come along to this initial Roadshow and  let their voices be heard!

This Safer Streets Roadshow is a trial run for rolling out this scheme on a bigger and more sustained basis next spring. It is therefore important from my perspective to ascertain the best ways and means of engaging with local people: about their local issues, who needs to be there, where are the best locations to hold the sessions, what are the most significant issues and what are the best methods to engage with the wider community, who are not engaging and how can we better organise the Safer Streets Initiative so that it is relevant to everyone no matter their circumstances, age, interests, or aspirations. The success of this approach is reliant upon local people coming forward to express their opinions, and views and describe their aspirations, ideas, and visions for making the local community a safer and a positive place to live, in short: we require  local participation and a willingness to get involved.      

The Partners  who will be there:

Local Community organisations will also be in attendance including:

  • Tidycleangreen Community Group
  • Tamfourhill Community Hub & Tenants and Residents Organisation
  • Camelon Education Centre

I very much look forward to meting with you on Thursday afternoon, please remember everybody is there to listen and where possible support new activities and in partnership to take effective action.

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