Creating safer spaces in Camelon and Tamfourhill

Family fun in the park as part of the community safety streetwork engagement programme

All good on the streets and parks of Camelon and Tamfourhill :

As I have described  in my recent community safety blog: ,

I have been taking to the streets in the last couple of months in order to engage with the young people of our local communities , my task has been to listen to their views and experiencers of living locally and to confirm their particular community safety  priorities. Although the main focus of these sessions has been young people, I have also been very fortunate to have met and engaged with local parents. This process  has been very successful and has greatly benefited from a period of hot and sunny weather  and through holding two community cookout sessions in the Nailer Road and Easter Carmuirs Parks. In this respect I would like to thank Dave Park who has volunteered his time and his considerable outdoor cooking skills which have significantly contributed to the success of these street and park based family and young person engagement sessions.  

I will off course be collating all the conversations that I have had into  a coherent report and will be making a number of recommendations and proposals about how the community and partner agencies can work together to develop appropriate local youth provisions and create new opportunities which will contribute to making the  community safer. Through my street presence I have been supporting young people to complete the local youth survey and have also been facilitating some snapshots about young peoples understanding of the risks around consuming alcohol and using a wishing tree to assist young people and families to imagine how aspects of the community like Easter Carmuirs Park could be further developed in the future. I can’t make these aspirations happen, but we can work together to form a plan of action and ,most importantly we must be able to get local people involved, including the youth of the area, as without local people coming forward to support these aspirations, we will not be able to translate them into reality. There is no money or resources currently available so the reality is that the community will need to be organised and prepared to roll up their sleeves if these wishes are to ever be realised.  As things stand this is the beginning of a process , a  conversation that will hopefully lead to community action which will produce tangible outcomes that will contribute to making the community a safer, happier, and more attractive place to live.

I have been really impressed by the willingness of the younger members of the community to come forward and make really good suggestions about new facilities and activities and how we can make the local area a better and safer place for local young people and their families.  Many of these ideas revolve around our local parks and the facilities and activities which could be provided from them and the tone  of this has been enthusiastic, positive, and constructive. There are  clearly big challenges out there and I will be endeavouring to involve the key agencies in partnership with the local community to begin a  development process which will deliver in the long term a safer community.

An alcohol snapshot for young people

The Plan going forward:

I will be continuing with the Streetwork approach over the next few months , the weather may not be as good as I have enjoyed over the recent weeks and the nights will be fair drawing in , however  where possible and practical I aim to continue with this street-based approach to community engagement and in the furtherance of delivering the community safety strategy. Local youth provision is a key local community safety  concern, so I need to ensure that young people are fully involved and empowered to shape that provision and that the community has the capacity and capability to support future local youth activities.  This therefore is an ongoing process and I hope to be able to support some new local activities  over the winter months and I will be actively looking to involve local volunteers with any such developments , so watch this space for new opportunities to get involved.

During the October school holidays I intend to have some young people involved with a community safety activity day which will involve a litter pick  sponsored by McDonalds Restaurant on the Glasgow Road in Camelon , the participating young people will have their lunch provided at McDonalds and in the afternoon, they will get to carry out a paddle pick up on  canoes on the canal and led by Scottish canals.  Please get in touch if you know any young people 11-16 years old who would like to take part in this community safety activity day. The October week will conclude on Friday 15th October with a community event being held at the CJFC car park , the Gather and Paly, Safe Place Making Day will include a pop up park, children’s games and some creative workshops, there will also be food and refreshments  available, I will go into this community event in greater detail in a future community safety blog,  I can however announce that this  this day will be open to all local people and is part of a wider project to make that specific location safer and of better use to the local community.

If you are interested in these events or the young peoples community safety day in October please get in touch with myself at or 07391524528 or leave a comment in the box below and I will get back to you ASAP. Regards John


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