A wonderful weekend of family activities on the canal and within the community of Camelon and Tamfourhill marks the launch of the new Tidy , Clean and Green Community Group.

Councillors Cecil Meiklejohn and David Alexander and Gillian McKay MSP join members of the new Tidy, Clean and Green Community Group after their tree planting session.

Saturday was a family clear up on the canal  between the Falkirk Wheel and the Lock 16, the sun shone, and the wind blew at times, and the hard work of paddling and picking up rubbish was carried out with skill and through family teamwork. The canal is a central artery to the community, and it has been  so very positive over the last 5 months to have involved local families, young people, school classes, youth  and community groups who have all contributed to the upkeep of both the water and the towpath. The Our Place Camelon  and Tamfourhill Project will  continue to focus community development and regeneration around the canal network and encourage our Partners and  local people to utilise the canal corridor to its maximum potential in order to  facilitate new leisure, social and economic opportunities. I would like to thank Great Place Falkirk for the funding to support the canal clear ups over the last 5 months and Scottish Canals for providing quality instruction on the water and providing  support services for the towpath litter picks. It really has been a joint initiative and an excellent partnership approach with Falkirk Council  Waste Services teaming up with the Community Safety Engager to deliver dynamic workshops which encouraged  participation and learning about the  environmental impact of littering and fly-tipping.  The critically important factor was that the  local community was at the front and centre of this environmental programme, with several young people gaining their Saltire Challenge Awards for volunteering from the Scottish Government and all participants receiving a certificate of achievement for their contributions to keeping the Canal; Tidy, Clean and Green.

Sundays activities were based around the Brown Street Park in Camelon where the new Tidy, Clean and Green Group hosted a tree planting session which represents the first phase of transforming this old play park into a community growing space. The day however started with a community litter pick  which began in the Park itself and which also covered many of the surrounding streets. We were joined by a  staff group from the McDonalds Restaurant on Glasgow Road and  by Councillor Dennis Goldie and they really have made  a massive difference to the Park and the surrounding streets that they  so thoroughly  covered.

The main event of Sunday was the planting of the 20 trees which had been provided by the Woodland Trust. We were joined by Councillors Cecil Meiklejohn, David Alexander, and our local MSP Gillian McKay, who each  got a hold of a spade and assisted with the tree planting. The local volunteers from the new Group of Chris, Nicholla, Arya, Mathew, Angie, and Nathan  were all happy to see their new community group launched with a weekend of environmental endeavours which will be the beginning of a journey to make Camelon and Tamfourhill a Tidier, Cleaner and Greener  place to live and enjoy.   

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