Community Streetwork and Community Safety

Going Walkabout in Camelon and Tamfourhill:

Street art sessions

I want to pick up from last week’s blog review to focus upon some aspects of the community safety strategy that will be implemented over the next few weeks. I have begun going walkabout around the local area and although this is a fit and healthy pursuit at any time it does have a real purpose with some extremely specific aims. I am implementing a period of detached youth work along with volunteers from Tamfourhill Community Hub and this work is intended to be a  good and effective way of getting to know some of the local young people whilst also  gaining insight and an understanding of their perspectives and issues. This will be achieved through  face-to-face contact on the streets and in the local parks. I have begun with a mapping and getting to know the area approach and in the last couple of weeks I have been accompanying a colleague from Falkirk Councils Community Housing Estates Team to show me around the community and understand their remit in terms of identifying and dealing with litter, fly tipping, dog pooh mess and anti-social behaviour. This builds on some sessions I had carried out after the first lockdown back in October and November last year. The main focus of this streetwork will be to establish contact with young people, get to know them and then listen to their views, perspectives, and issues around community safety. I have spent many previous  years with managing detached and outreach youth work projects and that experience should prove beneficial to establishing some creditable and trusting relationships with the young people of this manor. This is  not a quick fix approach, and it will take several weeks to establish some trust and rapport. The next stage will be to then begin to look at some of their main issues which the community safety plan can address whilst also  facilitating new opportunities for our local young people to play a positive and constructive role with the wider development  of their own community. Although my streetwork sessions will have a young person focusI  also want to speak and listen to any local people , young , old and everything in-between who want to discuss community safety or any community issues that the feel are especially relevant. Please come and have a chat, I might not always have all the answers, but I should know  where to get the information you require or who the best contact might be. I will initially be targeting the following locations: Easter Carmuirs Park  and the Mariner Street MUGA, Towpath at the Forth & Clyde Canal, Carpark, and the surrounding streets at CJFC, Nailer park and Telford Square and Tamfourhill. My first priority will be in and around Easter Carmuirs Park so please come and say hello and there are specific projects that will be getting progressed and they include the provision of improved play facilities and a young people’s MUGA with  associated youth facilities and asking if  providing organised sports sessions based within the park would be a worthwhile and welcomed development.

Street A Week:

Some people may recall back in 2019, before my time, the street a week initiative that was operational in Camelon and Tamfourhill. It has been suggested to me that this would be a good type of Project to replicate or at least deliver some of the more successful aspects of the previous scheme. This would see the key agencies, including the Police, Falkirk Council, The Fire Service, local Drugs agencies and voluntary organisations coming into a few streets over a week to listen to local people’s concerns, issues, and priorities. This would be more than a listening exercise and as all the main agencies will be directly involved, we would therefore hope that effective and quick responses could be made to current or ongoing community safety matters and at a very localised level. I  am currently  meeting with the main partner agencies, but I would also welcome community input from the outset. The Key Outcomes  that I hope to be able to move forward are: The community having an improved sense of security and reassurance about their homes and property, facilitate greater confidence in the local agencies and to improve partnership working between the community and the different agencies .Through this Project  I am looking to establish  a local community safety forum which would meet regularly, would involve all the key local agencies and which would be focused on problem solving and delivering positive change for the community. The current timeline is to try and start delivering this Project in the Autumn of this year.

The Canal Clear up:

Paddle Pick Up

As you will be aware the canal clear ups have been remarkably successful, and this project has been made possible though funding that was provided by Great Places Falkirk Project through funding provided  the Heritage Lottery Fund. There are 2 summer holiday sessions operating , one is for young people on the 21st of July, there are only a few places available for this, but we also have a family session scheduled for Saturday 14th August , this is the weekend before the schools return and it would be a really groovy[JH1] , interesting and special family day to finish of the school holiday . If you are interested in the concluding canal clear up sessions, then please get  in touch with myself directly at or phone me on 07391524528


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