The journey (back) into work

Community Coach Blog, Dan Rous, 1 July 2021

For my blog this week, I’d like to introduce you to Falkirk Council’s Employment Training Unit. They exist to help Falkirk residents who are unemployed or under-employed to gain the work experience and qualifications they need to compete in the job market. Here’s some images to help get to grips with who they are and what they can do (click on each image to make it larger):

So what does this mean for you as the good people of Camelon and Tamfourhill?

Basically, if you want to get into work for the first time, return to work after a break or a change in circumstances (whether forced or unforced), or a wanting a change in career, this is a place to get training, advice, support, guidance, etc to help you do just that. They also have a specific programme for Parents looking at their working options, plus the Fair Start Scotland programme for supporting getting into work generally. They can run a “Better off in work calculation” to let you understand how things could be better for you in work than on benefits. On top of all this, they also have a range of training courses for specific skills but also to help you gain more confidence and be able to manage yourself better.

The Employment and Training Unit (ETU) provides its services to all ages, whether leaving school, returning to work or changing career. While there are set programmes, the service is made relevant to each person in a way that works for you. You may need a more tailored training and support service due to your current circumstances and we can ensure you get all the specialist support and advice needed to move into the right job at the right time.

Also, for any employers reading this, there are incentives to employing people who are being supported by the ETU. It’s well worth checking this out if you’re looking for new staff at any time.

Our aim here at OPCT is to bring the support available from the ETU, right here to the local area. This will be in the form of training courses at one of our local Centres, and drop-in local information sessions where you can find out what support or training you can access that is relevant to you, without having to go too far to get the information you need. We’re currently working through making this safe and compliant with restrictions, but wanted to make you aware that this will be happening as soon as possible. As they say … watch this space! This will also be a great add on to our own impaCT 1 to 1 Coaching service.

For now though, why not have a look at what is on offer from our new friends at the Employment Training Unit, or get in touch with them direct. All the contact details are below

Phone: 01324 504408

My blog will take a break next week but I’ll be back the following week with more. In the meantime, stay safe and well. Hope you can manage to enjoy this sunshine.

Dan Rous, Community Coach,
07444 873151

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