A Celebration of the Forth Valley Recovery Communities new partnership with the Our Place Project and #tidycleangreen

I was absolutely delighted to attend todays celebratory launch of the Tamfourhill Recovery Drop-in and its new environmental programme. This initiative has evolved through the local community safety strategy and is also intrinsically linked with our Tidy, Clean and Green campaign. Tamfourhill Community Hub provided a top quality buffet and I would like to thank Louise for providing the catering and everyone at Tamfourhill Community Hub for welcoming both the guests and the members of the Recovery Community. Narek Bido the Chief Executive of Addictions Support Counselling was on hand to answer any questions about his organisation and Stephen Feighan a Recovery Development Support Worker who has been working specifically with establishing the environmental programme was able to highlight the different aspects of the programme and its implementation in the local area. Tracy Fullerton from the NHS Forth valley Health and Social Care Partnership was focused upon her work of creating an informative film and documentary about the unique approach that is being developed at Tamfourhill and highlighting how this community engagement approach with its environmental underpinning will be able to facilitate positive recovery through embracing the mental and physical wellbeing of working in the outdoors. This approach can certainly be replicated and in that respect local representatives from the Denny Community were in attendance to consider how a similar approach to supporting community and environmental based recovery provisions can be developed for their community.

Establishing this new programme from Tamfourhill is very much consistent with several of the key outcomes of the community safety strategy and is also well aligned with the ethos and priorities of the Community Hub. The FVRC have already carried our several litter picks and this has been acknowledged and applauded by the local community , this has been noticed and already they have made a positive difference and improvement to several open spaces and streets in the community. This is an initial activity and along with the groups regular rambles and guided walks they will slowly but surely expand their environmental activities. They are scheduled to take part in a canal clear up later in the month and there are several potential opportunities’ to develop local conservation projects and link these to accreditations and a variety of community learning programmes. The community safety strategy has highlighted the need for greater community cohesion and this programme is an excellent example of how disparate or often stigmatised groups can come and work together and contribute to the development of their local community and facilitate mutual respect and learning through that process.

An enjoyable launch day could not be dampened through watching Scotland’s opening match in the Euro finals, it was despite the result good to share some footballing memories and realise how shared community and mutual support can facilitate positive outcomes and help us overcome difficult challenges.

The Drop-in and environmental programme will run every Monday from 10am at Tamfourhill Community Hub , you can find more information through either contacting myself at or emailing directly to you will always be made very welcome by popping into the Hub on and Monday. Further information about Forth Valley Recovery Community (FVRC) | ASC

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