A big thank you to the young citizens of Camelon and Tamfourhill

Primary 7 pupils from Carmuirs Primary School

This week’s community safety blog is dedicated to our young volunteers and citizens of Camelon and Tamfourhill. A big thank you to the group of young canal clear up volunteers who spent Wednesday 19th May on the canal removing a wide array of rubbish and mess form the waterway.  The Group also spent time in a learning workshop where the problems associated with plastic pollution were highlighted. The Group then considered ways which they as individuals, the local community and businesses and how local and national governments could contribute to reducing the harm being caused through single use plastics. A certificate of achievement is on its way to the pupils to acknowledge their positive contributions to keeping the canal #tidycleangreen and off course the new canoeing skills which they learnt through the instruction they received from Mathew Skilling of Scottish Canals. A big round of applause to: Zach, Cody, Owen, Catherine, Aiden and Scott  and supported and encouraged by their class room assistant Scott. I would also like to thank Russell and Carol form Scottish Canals for their support and encouragement to the day’s activities.

Friday 21st May was a day of 2 halves, the first half took place at Brown Street Park where the Primary 3 class from Carmuirs Primary school cleared the park of its considerable litter and mess and also took part in the veg your ledge workshop facilitated by Forth Environment Link.  My colleague Dan is supporting a new community growing project form this park and its heartening to see it now being transformed form a vacant empty space into a new community resource. This was the first stage in this conversion and the youngsters carried out a Keep Scotland Beautiful Eco schools litter survey.  

The pupils were helped to plant their own boxes and they took the 9 boxes back to their class to watch their vegetables grow, hopefully some lettuces will be ready for picking before the end of the school’s summer term. I am sure Dan will be welcoming them and their peers back in the new term to work on some of the community growing activities which will be getting developed from the Park. We received a visit from our two local community police officer’s PC Hill and Muir who came and joined in with the morning’s activities and also a thankyou to the adult volunteers of Chris, Gordon and Nicholla who assisted with the litter pick.  

The second half kicked off at 2pm in the car park at Camelon Juniors Football Club. This activity was called All Games Allowed, and this title was to contrast the usual no games allowed signs that we see far too often throughout our local communities. The aim was to look at how the Primary 3 pupils might make use of the space for safe paly and to encourage them to invent their own games based on the traditional street and pavement games that go back generations. We started with Mark form Camelon Arts inviting us all to try an ancient Viking game called:  Kubb and  this was great fun, extremely competitive, it involved knocking out skittles and eventually the game would be won through somebody  knocking out the king  which happened on several occasions.

A game of Kubb

Primary 3 came up with their own chalked out assault course which involved different challenges as you worked your wat through the chalked-out course on the ground. The class were divided into teams of three and were timed as they worked their way through all the different tasks and skills they were instructed to undertake. The game finished with a slow-motion crab race where the winner was the person who managed to go so slowly that they were last, congratulations to Ms Paterson the class teacher who won this race by a few pincers.  I would intend to include some sort of street games and safe play areas for local children as we go forward with the community safety strategy and the session at the Juniors Car Park was extremely helpful with illustrating how existing community spaces could be better used and adapted for wider community benefit. Thanks to Mark form the Camelon Arts Project for his comparing of these street games, I enjoyed this session very much and again Primary3 pupils were a credit to their school and their local community.

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