An Invitation to come along to the Juniors Car Park

Could we have a safe play street in Camelon and Tamfourhill ?

You are cordially invited to make a site visit to the Camelon Juniors Car park Area and to imagine this space as being safer, more enjoyable and for the benefit of the local community: This location has a long-standing negative reputation for anti-social behaviour and is somewhere that is often described as being unsafe. We therefore want to hear about your ideas and opinions as to how this space could be positively transformed for the benefit of the community.

Friday 21st May I will be on site with colleagues from Camelon Arts and other partners to ask local people and pupils from Carmuirs Primary school some key questions:

•             What could be done to make this location safer?

•             How could you make the green spaces more appealing?

•             What would make you come here and spend more time in this area?

•             What needs to be provided here to encourage people to make use of the area?

The site visit is being split into 3 sections:

  • 2pm -3pm: This section is called “all games allowed” and we will be welcoming the Primary 3 class from Carmuirs Primary school to take part in an ancient Viking game and then we will ask the class to split up and invent their own group games. These games could become part of the new landscape of that location, and we can consider if the car park could become a Play area at certain times of the week or day or during school holidays.
  • 3pm -4pm: This section is for adult community members. Local tenants and member of local community groups, and this is where the above questions will be used as prompts for wider discussions targeted at 5 key spaces that we have identified from within the wider car park area. These are illustrated in the photographs
  • 4pm -5pm: This section is targeted at young people and local youth workers and the process and questions used will be the same however this will be facilitated from a young person’s perspective and with an emphasis upon their safety within the community and developing these spaces responsibly for the benefit of themselves and the wider community.

The community safety strategy first key outcome states that: The Community will have greater capacity to address the negative impacts of Anti-Social Behaviour. The approach will be to utilise, support and develop the skills and assets that already exist within Camelon and Tamfourhill and to do this in a  way that facilitates solutions and positive outcomes to current local community safety priorities.

The afternoon sessions will be risk assessed and COVID compliant and we will be very happy for people to take part but in order to assist with our COVID management of the site could you please get in touch with myself to confirm  that you plan to come along.

John R Hosie mob 07391524528 or leave a message on the website as detailed below

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