Launch of the Community Safety Strategy for Camelon and Tamfourhill

The Strategy document is the start of a community engagement process

The first anniversary celebration of the Our Place Camelon and Tamfourhill Project was a great success, there was positivity , enthusiasm and good news and virtual celebration about the first year of the Projects work in the community. There will be recordings of the evenings highlights available soon so keep an eye out on our social media if you want to catch up with the presentations and different inputs as we reflected back on a bizarre year, showcased our successes and looked forward to what was planned ahead. The evening provided an ideal platform for myself to launch the new community safety strategy for Camelon and Tamfourhill.

Presenting the community safety strategy at OPCT first anniversary celebration

Although the local strategy and priorities are a community led plan and they represent the voice of local people, I also have to acknowledge the wider national context that we operate within and be aware of the central driving forces and priorities of the main partners that we will be working with in the coming months. Falkirk Council: The Falkirk Plan, Locality Plans and strategic property reviews, community planning partnership, criminal justice system, Scottish Government social policy & economic development, emerging drugs policies and a movement away from a punitive approach through criminalisation and the courts towards regulation, harm reduction and health focussed approaches. This is the context the local strategy sits within and these are some of the wider agendas that most align with our own local activities.

In a recent blog I discussed the Scottish Community Safety Networks election manifesto for 2021 and in particular I emphasised this section: The SCSN believes that communities will be safer if there is more involvement of people in communities in the planning, delivery, and development of the services that they use, they go onto stress the fundamental importance of youth work and Community Learning & Development and an emphasise upon working together through creating local partnerships which keep communities safe. This then will be the guiding principle of our local community safety strategy, it will promote community development and capacity building facilitating the local ownership and delivery of new projects and initiatives, especially with young people and the development of new local youth work opportunities. There is the assertion within the manifesto that there must be more involvement of people in communities in the planning, delivery and development of services that they use, or often what is referred to as co-production. This ethos has been taken forward on confirming the local community safety strategy.

The local methodology and process of consultation, included: the community identifying its local priorities and the areas that were felt to require action, activity, and development. The process deployed included: surveys, 1-1 interviews, focus groups, meeting stakeholders and partners. 

We have 12 key outcomes , and a raft of activities and plans that will enable us to reach these outcomes successfully, it is dependent on agencies contributing to that process and buying into this strategy , some activities, actions and Projects will meet several of the outcomes, however the indicators or contributions of these activities will be measured with different criteria and we will look at different indicators derived from the activity depending upon the key outcome, so working with young people in the community will contribute to the key outcome around ASB but it will also make a significant contributions to other key outcomes like the improvement to our open green spaces , the strategy is therefore cross fertilised and interconnected where activities and community projects will be serving to meet several key outcomes concurrently.

The full strategy document is now available , so please get in touch with myself if you require a copy : or Mob: 07391524548, here is a summary of the 12 key outcomes of the strategy:

The overarching aim:

Camelon & Tamfourhill will be a safer, happier, and more attractive place to live

The Community will have greater capacity to address the negative impacts of ASB.
Young people will have increased opportunities to have their voices heard about the issues that affect their safety within the community
There will be an increase in the number of Young people involved with projects and activities that address community safety and reduce risk taking.
There will be an increase in the provision of recovery and support opportunities for individuals and families who have been impacted by substance use and the criminal justice system. 
There will be improved Community cohesion.
The level of community anxiety about local substance use will be reduced.
Local people will have greater confidence in the agencies that deliver relevant community safety services.  
There will be improved partnership working and greater collaboration between the community and agencies.
The quality of the local green environment and open public spaces will improve through a reduction in the quantity of littering, fly-tipping, and dog waste.
Public spaces and the green environment will have an increase in the amount and diversity of use by local groups and individuals.
There will be greater road safety with an increase in the level of Active Travel.
The community will have an improved sense of security and reassurance about their homes, property, and assets.
A future community development opportunity

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