Festive greetings and lets ensure we all stay safe over Christmas and the New Year.

I am sure most of us will be glad to see an end to 2020, its been a very difficult year and unfortunately for some a tragic year. The coming festive period offers an opportunity for quiet reflection and consider the importance of our collective strength and in our ability to show empathy and support to others in the face of ongoing adversity. In my few visits to Tamfourhill Community Hub I have experienced this ethos in action and I would like to acknowledge the tremendous and necessary work being carried out by the Tamfourhill Tenants and Residents Organisation. There needs to be a societal shift in our priorities and I personally feel we need to highlight and tackle inequality and poverty collaboratively, working closely with our statutory agencies and to do this in close partnership with our local communities.

But its out with the Old and in with the New and I am optimistic that we will as a community move forward positively in 2021. The level of resilience , adaptability and creativity that has been shown over the last 9 months has been remarkable and this level of community cohesion will be a focus for greater things to come in the near future. I look forward to confirming the local community safety strategy in the new year and to start delivering activities and projects which enable the community to be a safer and happier place to live and work.

A thank you to my colleague Dan Rous for his ongoing encouragement and insight and I have very much appreciated the support of Lynne and Shona as they have guided me through a path that has been at times awkward due to the Pandemic whilst I have also been trying to get to know the communities I am employed to engage with. I have been fortunate to have worked closely with a raft of different agencies and organisations, and I look forward to building on this solid foundation as we move forward in 2021.

Have a very merry Christmas and a Guid New Year and please remember to stay safe and keep the community a safe place to live and be about.

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