Here are some Public Service Announcements (unfortunately not with guitars):

Announcement Number (1): Please cast your vote for your favourite Poster in this competition, where the pupils form Primary 6 and 7 have been designing posters for the #tidycleangreen campaign, as well as learning about the community and environmental problems created by dropping litter and causing fly-tipping.  I will announce the winner next week and you will be able to see that design locally as it will be getting manufactured into signage and other anti-littering publicity materials.

To cast your vote follow this link:

Announcement Number (2): The results of the question of the month for November was:

So, there you have it, change is in the air and the potential to develop a local school streets scheme would be a positive move and also one which would attract local support.

What are School Streets is a reasonable question to ask?

A School Street is a road outside a school with a temporary restriction on motorised traffic at school drop-off and pick-up times. The restriction applies to school traffic and through traffic. The result is a safer, healthier, and pleasant environment for everyone.

School Street schemes offer a proactive solution for school communities to tackle air pollution, poor health, and road danger reduction. A School Street scheme will encourage a healthier lifestyle and active travel to school for families and lead to a better environment for everyone. I have had some discussions with Easter Carmuirs Parent Council Traffic Group about how this could operate, and I have also had the issue highlighted with me form other local schools. My intention is to support this idea and see if it is a feasible and workable solution to our local traffic problems around the schools.  

Announcement Number (3) Christmas is approaching with great haste and although it will be different this year there is still some festive cheer coming to the streets of Camelon and Tamfourhill next weekend the 12th and 13th December. The Camelon Winter Festival is still happening despite the current COVID-19 health problems. I would like to acknowledge the extremely hard work, resilience, and creativity of both our Winter Festival Committee and Camelon Arts who in such challenging times have still been able to bring these joyous activities to the community.   Firstly, we have Santa who will be touring the streets of Camelon in a horse drawn carriage with his elves on foot. They will be delivering pre-booked presents to local families, over the two days. This happening is designed to be viewed from indoors and presents will be placed in front gardens and on doorsteps by the elves who will be wearing their very own yield tide masks and gloves. Secondly a travelling video screen will be touring the streets of Camelon and Tamfourhill, featuring the big voice of local singer Dionne Hickey, festive messages, and three inspiring videos made with local creative residents, part of an ongoing Camelon Arts project: Camelon’s Got Talent. The screen will drive slowly round each area and be accompanied by stewards to make sure that everybody is kept safe and well.

Book quickly as there is only a handful of boxes left

I would like to remind everyone that strict physical distancing will be required and that all COVID regulations must be followed and that any unlawful gathering of crowds outdoors will necessitate the involvement of the Police, so please stay safe and enjoy the wonder of the Camelon Winter Festival.  

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