Community Safety Update: Camelon, Tamfourhill and Beyond:

This week I wanted to highlight some community safety issues and developments which are both local and national:

New legislation coming at the end of the month; Signed and Sealed

The Management of Offenders Act 2019 will be passed into law at the end of this month and that will have a number of ramifications for the local community, employers and to our local groups and organisations. The details of the legislation can be found here:

The implementation of the Management of Offenders (Scotland) Act in November 2020 will significantly shorten the periods required for disclosure of previous convictions and will allow smoother access to employment for thousands across Scotland. On the stroke of midnight on the 30th of November over 200,000 convictions will disappear and many individuals will be able to seek employment without having to declare a whole raft of convictions which will become spent and subject to new shortened periods of disclosure. In addition, unless the previous convictions involved risk to vulnerable adults or children or is of a profoundly serious nature, then everybody under the age of 18 years will no longer have to declare their convictions from their younger and more impressionable years. This has to be a great opportunity for our young people to put past misdemeanours and unfortunate circumstances behind them and enter the employment market more positively and with a sense of future.  I would advise all employers whether they are in the local voluntary sector, involve volunteers or are within the business community to familiarise themselves with the new timescales and the processes for declaring convictions. This training being facilitated by our partners at the Cyrenians Navigators Project in partnership with Recruit with Conviction will be an important and useful means to getting fully clued up: Tickets are available for free at the following link,

Cyrenians and Recruit with Conviction: employer programme launch & seminar: Thursday 24th November: 9.30am-11am FREE

Let’s make Camelon and Tamfourhill a safer and happier place to live and work: This is the title of the Youth Survey which I will be circulating later this week, it is designed to canvas the views and experiences of our 18 year olds and under about their priorities and perceptions of community safety. I will of course post the link to the survey onto our social media platforms and I would be incredibly grateful if you could share the survey through your own personal, organisation and work networks. I will be linking the survey with the local schools and youth clubs and it will also be featured on the Community Leaning and Development social media platforms and will be linked to the Young Scot website which belongs to our national agency for young people.  The criteria for completing the survey is that you should be 18 years old or under, live, work, attend school or clubs or activities or be connected in any way with Camelon and Tamfourhill. There will be exciting prizes for the winners of the lucky draw for fully completed surveys, I will announce the prizes when the Survey is published and available later this week, so keep your eyes out on the Our Place Camelon and Tamfourhill social media platforms and other local sites.

The Young Ones , oh the young ones

Our colleagues at Keep Scotland Beautiful contacted me last week to announce the return of their national campaign #TurdTag, which returns to remind dog owners over the winter months to pick up their dog’s poo. This national initiative will link in with our local Keep Camelon and Tamfourhill Tidy, Clean and Green and in last week’s Blog I described how this might operate in calling foul on dog pooh. This approach is developing positively, and I am now going to be working in partnership with Falkirk Council Waste Services and our local schools in order to deliver clear up activities and to carry out some survey work. This survey work will be used by Keep Scotland Beautiful as a national  Case Study so these sessions will provide an important educational activity and directly help with clearing up the local area and contribute to national data gathering which will be significant with deciding how resources are to be deployed in the  future.   

Children playing before the arrival of the motor car

The question of the month for November: This month I am asking about closing off streets. to motor cars , beside the local schools , first thing in the morning and at the close of the schools day in the afternoon, I would therefore appreciate if you could answer the following  question and pass it on to other interested local people:

The question of the month for October: Here are the results from last month’s question: Do you think that the reintroduction of the 2 weekly uplift of the Green Bins would improve the local littering and fly-tipping problems ? The results were as follows: I received 148 responses, 140 or 94.6% said Yes it would improve the littering and fly tipping problems but 8 or 5.4% said No it would make no difference, not surprising at all, I am sure this result will be of interest to Falkirk Council.

No more of this !

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