Time to call Foul on Dog Pooh!

Keeping our Play areas and Parks free from Dog mess:

I have recently received communications highlighting problems with dog pooh not being bagged and binned and being left in places where there is a real risk of spreading germs and disease. This harmful behaviour scored very highly on the community safety survey, with 84% of respondents being either fairly or greatly concerned about dog fouling. When this is happening in children’s and families play areas and parks it is a very infuriating form of anti-social behaviour. There are a few actions that we can take in a bid to reduce this and improve the health and safety of our streets and public spaces, especially our parks and children’s playgrounds. I have had some requests to provide signage and posters which would highlight the problem and encourage dog owners to take responsibility for scooping their dogs mess up and then put it in the appropriate bin. This particular issue is being addressed through some resources that we have been able to access from Keep Scotland Beautiful which will enable us to create our own posters, signs and other creative methods for giving a reminder and a nudge to dog owners to always clear up responsibly  after their dogs . The local primary schools will be supporting their pupils to come up with some graphics and designs which I will then  use to provide new significant and clear signage and get them put up prominently at the dog pooh trouble spots in Camelon and Tamfourhill. Similarly, I will be requesting some new dog pooh bins from the council and discuss with them how we can deal with this ongoing problem within the wider Tidy, Clean and Green Campaign. There are some constructive actions that I will be supporting in the coming months, these will include: v  Providing dog pooh bags as required, and these can be picked up from Tamfourhill Community Hub. v  Producing pooh bag dispensers or using recycled plastic bottles as dispensers and distributing these around the community. v  Supporting local young people and children to design notices, posters and signs and getting these produced professionally and erected at key locations. v  Linking our local actions to the Tidy, Clean & Green campaign and with Keep Scotland Beautiful national strategy. v  Monitoring positive changes in dog owner’s behaviour though carrying out local survey work.   v  Its vitally important that any dog fouling problems are reported to Falkirk Council as they will take actions if they are told about the problems, this is very important because if they are not aware of the issues then they are unable to take effective action, please remember people can be fined for allowing their dogs to foul up public places. If local people would rather raise the matter with me that is absolutely fine, and I will then ensure its reported and dealt with appropriately. Please visit the Falkirk Council Website for details about dog fouling and the reporting g of this matter as anti-social behaviour:

Lets keep our parks and open spaces : Tidy, Clean and Green

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