Talking Rubbish

This week’s community safety blog will be a load of rubbish, nothing new there some may say, well I can live with that if it is helping or supporting the local community in a practical way. The Tamfourhill Community Hub is now a Clean Up Scotland National Hub, and you can now borrow a full litter picking kit from the Hub. If you want to organise you  own litter pick , whether as a group, on your own, with your family and friends or through a club or organisation that you are involved with that’s what the gear is for. Please contract myself at or give me a call on 07391524528 and I will arrange the booking and go through the process for picking up the gear and explaining everything you need to know. I am waiting on Falkirk Council finishing their littering plans and when that is done, I will also be able to cover your activities with Public Liability insurance. This is a chance for everybody to play a part and assist with keeping our communities Tidy Clean and Green.

This is how we can change a Grot Spot to a Creative Spot

Here is how we can change places from Grot Spots to Reclaimed Green zones

This is one aspect of the campaign: to clear the area of rubbish, fly tipping and dog pooh, the other important strand is the reclaiming of badly kept and messy grot spots. The plan is to convert them into green zones and community growing places. We have plans for wildflower meadows, pop up parks, allotments, and growing zones. I will leave Dan to explain that in his Thursday blog and how it fits with the Keep Camelon and Tamfourhill Tidy, Clean & Green campaign.     

Tidy, Clean and Green

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