Community Safety Survey: Looking at the responses.

This week I want to start by offering a big thanks to the 161 local people who completed a community safety survey. The survey closed on the 7th August and I have now been working on collating the data, carrying out some analysis and starting the process of confirming the local community safety priorities. The consultation will now move onto a more interactive phase and once I am able to do so, I will be holding some Focus Groups in order to get further details about the relevant Community Safety issues and the actions we will need to take to address the various concerns. The survey results have provided a clear indication of what are the important issues in the community and where there clearly needs to be positive action. The future will be a success if we are able to involve all sectors of the community and the various organisations to work in partnership and we are able to tackle matters collectively and in a coordinated way. If you are interested in looking at the detailed report with my initial interpretation of the responses, then please visit:

I know that people don’t have the time to read long detailed reports, although they will be of great assistance when we come to later apply for funding and resources , so I thought I would break the survey results into much smaller sections and highlight a couple of themes each week on the blog, so please go to the link below:

Together we can do so much

The Future is unwritten

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