We require your involvement and participation

Alone we can do so little: together, we can do so much

Hellen Keller

I am putting out a request in this week’s community safety blog: I need your help and your active participation with making Camelon and Tamfourhill a safer, better, and happier place to live and work. If we are to achieve this bold aspiration, then we will need to recognise the challenges that we face and acknowledge that the best chance of success is if we all come together and work with a common purpose.

The first part of the community safety consultation was concluded on Friday 7th August with the closure of the online survey. I would therefore like to once again offer my congratulations to Jacqueline Hannah on wining the Tablet through the survey Prize draw, and I hope that she gets lots of pleasure and enjoyment from using her new device. I was also incredibly pleased to have 161 completed survey responses, with 92 local people expressing both an interest with being informed about the future plans for community safety and in also taking part in a community action planning day. I therefore will be contacting those relevant individuals to bring them up to date with the results of the survey and inviting them to take part in the next stages of the consultation. It is vitally important that the community safety priorities are identified by the local community and in this respect, it is also critical that local people agree to the appropriate and relevant actions that are necessary, if  the local plans and activities are to be successful and effective.  

The Kemlin Kin Group are a partnership of local people with representatives from organisations and groups who are already active and delivering services and activities in the local area. I would like to encourage others to join with this Group and therefore take an  active role with driving forward the community safety plans for the area and also in supporting the work of the Community Coach Dan Rous with  his remit of building the resilience and the capacity of the local area. I fully realise that people get fed up with committees and steering groups and endless talking in meetings, however I would want to assure you that this group will be different. Dan and I will endeavour to make this an enjoyable experience with lots of hands on activities, opportunities to volunteer, learn new skills, develop existing interests, and potentially gain accreditation and recognition for your community involvement. We will also be looking to start up a Young Community Safety Volunteers group and they will get opportunities to learn about peer education and will have loads of activities to get involved with. This approach will be equally concerned with facilitating new support networks and hopefully forming new friendships throughout our neighbourhoods and an important aspect of this group can also be about families coming together for the betterment of the local area. I do not want to be too prescriptive as the agenda and programme of the group would be developed in accordance with the views and ideas of the group themselves, with the support of myself and Dan. The key to the success of this group will be in its ability and effectiveness for putting plans into place and having responsibility for implementing positive change in the local area. Please if you are interested in any way please get in touch with either me or Dan at or  

I will briefly highlight some of the key findings and indicators of what issues might be community safety priorities for Camelon and Tamfourhill. I will also in the coming weeks go into greater detail about the survey results and focus on specific themes. There are a number of Focus Groups and Workshops that I will be facilitating when it is safe to do so and these activities should assist with putting some meat onto the bones of the results of the survey. The three most significant community safety themes on the survey have been recorded as: Anti-social behaviour, Substance misuse and problems with crime and disorder and traffic/roads. Within these broader themes specific issues have been highlighted, and most notable are the problems of litter, fly -tipping and dog fouling, drug dealing and the consumption of drugs, the level of reoffending are all of considerable concern. The feelings about the fear of crime and a lack of reassurance about community safety issues are noted as being especially important to local people.

I have in previous blogs highlighted some of the possible campaigns and plans that I would hope will be supported locally, these have included: Keep Camelon and Tamfourhill: Tidy, Clean and Green campaign and linked with Keep Scotland Beautiful , similarly we have an active bid to be a community clear up host also with Keep Scotland Beautiful, Restorative justice approaches in dealing with issues around disorder and vandalism,  public art projects in partnership with Camelon Arts, promoting bio diversity and sustainability through community gardens, wild flower meadows and edible borders, young community safety volunteers project, the further redevelopment of Easter Carmuirs Park and we are one of the lead groups in a consortium bid for a creative communities grant award from Inspiring Scotland.  If you are interested in any of these themes and potential projects then please get in touch, these are the types of initiatives you would be supporting and developing through being a member of the Kemlin Kin Group.

If you want to go quickly, go alone, if you want to go far, go together.

African Proverb

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